Deep Tissue

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Do you suffer from stress, tension, or aches? It’s important to find the treatment that will both help your body and mind. As the saying goes, “A sound mind is in a sound body”. And massage can help you relax and relieve pain and stress. And to help you achieve that we have the best masseuses who have mastered many techniques of massage.

Unlike Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage make a deeper impact on your muscles and has a more therapeutic and intense effect. It is best for patients with chronic joint and muscle pain, to treat that the masseuse uses short and strong strokes.

As you might know, adhesions in muscles are caused by stress and tension and that can lead to moderate or even severe pains. This technique is also good for people with some surgical scars or muscle injuries, it can also help people with problems with posture, mobility, pains in the back or neck.


Deep tissue massage is not just a good way to relieve pain but can also help you relax after stressful everyday life. Other benefits of this technique are the following:

lowering of the blood pressure

relieving back pain

relieving arthritis pain along with its symptoms

helps in rehabilitation of joints and muscles

helps break tissue of scars

helps reduce chronic pains

helps improve the mobility of muscles and joints

helps people with Fibromyalgia

Does it suit everyone?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend Deep Tissue Massage to people who have suffered or who have a family history of suffering blood clots. We can only allow it with the concent from the doctor. That is because blood clots may get loose because of massage and cause a stroke, heart attack, aneurysm etc.

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