Drainage Massage

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The lymphatic system is a network in our bodies that helps fluid drain from the tissue of our body into the blood flow. It is a very important part of our immune system and it carries the lymph right toward the heart.

Our circulatory system deals with about 20 liters of blood daily. During this process, plasma is filtered from blood cells. About 17 liters of that processed plasma absorbs back into the blood vessels and the other 3 stay in the interstitial fluid. So lymph provides a perfect return way to the blood for these 3 liters of remaining plasma.

Simply put, our lymphatic system helps the body to stay healthy by keeping the fluid moving inside our bodies. If we did not have this system our bodies would start to swell up because of the excess of fluid. So when there are some problems with this system people start feeling minor aches, feeling weak and start catching colds, flu, and fever very easily. At the early stage when these problems occur the lymphatic drainage massage will help you treat it.

How does this massage technique work?

During the course of this massage, the masseuse massages the lymph nodes along the neck. Thanks to that, the lymphatic system is stimulated and any excess of fluids is drained. It might seem that 2-3 liters of fluid is not much but it is very important to remove it. Because only when it is removed certain proteins can be finally drained through the filaments or walls of the vessels. If they stay you will start feeling the swelling that causes the blockage in the lymph system. As a result, all the thing like dead cells, bacteria, wastes, fats etc cannot be washed out of our body.

To break all the clogs and blockages along the filaments and vessels Lymphatic Drainage massage uses a lot of pressure. It might even happen that some filaments or vessels will break because of this pressure but will be reformed within the next 24 hours. This massage technique helps improve the immune system and help relieve you of some conditions.

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