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Sports massage is a type of massage used in practice in order to improve physical abilities and significantly improve the performance of athletes. It is one of “must do” that every professional sportsman should be well aware of if he strives to get good results of one’s activity. It’s necessary to distinguish three types of this procedure, such as training, preliminary and recovery.
Training massage consists of preparing the athlete for the highest sports achievements with the least expenditure of psychophysical energy. It is an integral part of training. The chief purpose of such massage is optimization of the state of the neuromuscular apparatus and the muscles. Pre-massage is a short-term procedure aimed at improving the athlete’s well-being during workouts or competition. It allows you to maximize the functionality of the human body before the expected motor activity. Sports restorative massage is used for various loads, and in the case of fatigue for optimally rapid recovery of the human body functions and improve its physical abilities.

Technique and features

Sports massage is performed using the main methods of the classical: rubbing, stroking, squeezing, vibrations, active and passive movements, percussion techniques.


  • Decreased sports performance
  • Apathy (before competition)
  • Increased excitement before the start of the competition


  • High body temperature
  • Skin diseases
  • Skin lesions and skin irritability
  • Severe fatigue
  • Presence of bleeding tendency
  • The presence of gallstones.
  • Effect on the body

Using this procedure, one is able to achieve excellent results of trainings in minimum time. In addition, sports massage is an excellent preparation for participation in competitions, and also allows you to deal with fatigue.

Number of sessions

Depending on the sport, a different number of sessions of this massage is used, mainly from one to three.

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