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What is bodywork in our opinion?

We think that when you want to treat one part of your body you should actually pay attention to your whole body. And one of the best ways to get make your full body feel well is a massage from the real bodywork expert. Our masseuses are the best in their craft and know a great number of techniques that help you rest, relax and make your body forget about pain and stress.

What is Swedish massage all about?

This is one of the most popular massage techniques and there is a good reason for that. The experts at our center use long gliding strokes along the muscles of the body to relieve it from tension and stress.

This massage technique is a deep-tissue massage, it can a slow and gentle process as well as vigorous and bracing. It all depends on your personal preference. In case you have light or medium chronic muscle pain this type of massage will work wonders for you.

For this massage, the masseuse uses special lubrication like massage oil and with the help of it, they can break all the tension in the muscles of the body. This tension and tightness is call adhesion, which can be caused when you do not stretch after a workout or by stress and overall tension.

That is why if you are suffering from stress and feel that your body has become really stiff you should try and get a Swedish massage. It is a feeling like no other and you will get really happy you have tried it!

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