Warm Candle
Aroma Therapy Massage

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The most gentle procedure is a massage with an aroma candle. What can be more pleasant than a warm, fragrant massage, which except for bringing a lot of pleasure, moisturizes your skin, gives it nutrition and protection. The technique of this massage is borrowed from Ayurveda – the traditional system of Indian medicine. This teaching says: in order for a person to be healthy, it is necessary to maintain in harmony both body and mind. But in a constant rush, we often find ourselves in stressful situations that lead to a breakdown of the nervous system, as a result of which we feel bad. Such lifestyle can lead to loss of appetite, apathy. All this affects not only our general well-being, but also our appearance, and first of all – our skin. Due to lack of sleep, dark circles appear under the eyes, and our body does not receive the right amount of vitamins. The result is vivid – our skin becomes dry and devoid of vitality.
Aroma candle massage will help you restore energy, which, in turn, normalizes the nervous system. This procedure is recommended for both women and men. The composition of the aroma of the candle is very rich and natural ingredients will help your skin stay moist and silky for a long time, saturate it with useful substances and it protect against adverse external factors.
This procedure is conducted on the table: the master warms up the candle to the optimum temperature, comfortable for your body, and with gentle, light movements, starting from the feet, massages the whole body with one’s palms. The procedure ends with a head and face massage without the use of a candle.
Like other procedures, massage with a candle has a number of contraindications.

Major ones are:

  • intolerance to components that make up the candles;
  • skin diseases;
  • recent operations;
  • oncological diseases.
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