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Every day, thousands of epidermal cells of the skin of our face die off, and new ones appear in their place. Thanks to such processes, the skin is restored from damage and cleaned of dead cells. Yet over the years, the process of exfoliation and regeneration of skin cells occurs less and less, which leads to an upsetting result – the appearance of aging signs, sometimes premature. Chemical peeling is a true catch for people having such problems, and one of its most effective types is Jessner peeling, entitled in its inventor’s name.

The composition of the Jessner peeling includes the following components:

  • lactic acid;
  • salicylic acid;
  • resorcinol;

Lactic acid has a unique property – it binds, retains and evenly redistributes moisture, directs it deep into the skin. Inclusion of lactic acid in the peeling composition was a very good solution: it allows you to maintain an optimal balance of moisture in the skin, which prevents aging.
The next ingredient of Jessner peeling is salicylic acid. It has a pronounced keratolytic (exfoliating), antiseptic, drying (prevents excessive production of sebum) and anti-inflammatory effect.

Resorcinol has well-known exfoliative properties, which greatly enhances the process of epithelial renewal. Also, resorcinol has antibacterial, astringent, cauterizing and whitening effect.

Thus, when using Jessner peeling, hyperkeratosis is eliminated, and the number of wrinkles and their severity is significantly reduced. The skin tone is evened, its moisture is optimized. The lifting effect, judging by the reviews of the Jessner peeling, can be compared with the results of mesotherapy and even plastics.

Indications for Jessner peeling are:

  • skin defects after acne (postacne);
  • dark spots;
  • acne and seborrhea;
  • expansion of pores, black spots and comedones;
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • ingrown facial hair;
  • scars and bumps on the skin;
  • small wrinkles and folds.
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