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Lactic peeling is an innovation in the world of beauty, gaining popularity, because of its careful attitude to the skin, in addition to the visible effect after the first procedure. But despite the delicate effect, it is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures.

As the name implies, the basis of this procedure is the use of tools made from lactic acid, which automatically calculates it to the category of chemical. In no doubt, it’s one of the most sparing ways to fight the imperfection of the skin, because it affects only its upper layers. Due to its superficial action, it can be used by the owners of sensitive skin.
Its effectiveness is in borne lactic acid which cannot aggressively destroy and exfoliate dead cells. As a result, the detection of collagen and elastin in the deep layers of the epidermis is intensified, and the skin becomes elastic, shiny and elastic.

Facial lactic peeling helps to correct small wrinkles, illuminate pigmented spots, narrow pores and cope with awful skin. As mentioned earlier, the effect of lactic acid on the skin is superficial, therefore, it will not be able to radically deal with such troubles, as deep wrinkles, scars, pronounced pigmentation. That is why peeling with the use of a lactic acid should be chosen by those who want to get rid of the following imperfections:

  • dull, earthy skin of the face;
  • loss of elasticity;
  • dehydration of the skin;
  • acne serum;
  • small wrinkles;
  • clean skin.

The most effective procedure is for people under the age of 40. After this stage and with significant changes on the face and neck, lactic peeling can be used as an adjunct to skincare, but not as a primary remedy for skin rejuvenation and correction.

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