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Acne is among the most severe skin diseases of the sebaceous glands caused by their blockage and increased production of sebum. The sebaceous glands produce a special secret (sebum) – a mixture of fats that prevent the skin from drying out, make it elastic, protect the body from various bacteria and infections, and also participate in the complex system of thermoregulation of the skin. In one form or another, acne occurs in 60-80% of young people. Acne treatment is prescribed depending on the severity of the disease. There are three severities of acne depending on the number of acne elements and if they are inflamed, purulent, – easy, medium and heavy. The causes of acne with the inflammatory process in them are usually in attempts to get rid of the bumps on their own, simply speaking – squeeze out. Doing this, it is impossible to sort out the problem, and in most cases, such manipulations only add to the work of dermatologists. Effective treatment of acne on the face and body is a complex task, requiring high professionalism of a dermatocosmetologist, a wide choice of techniques and patience towards patients. Those who have spent a lot of time and money on the search for a miraculous cream and a universal procedure have already realized, that doesn’t work at all. Specialists working in medical spas offer various procedures, aimed at acne treatment, such as peeling, steaming, deep cleaning microdermabrasion etc. When drafting your individual treatment program, the doctor-dermatocosmetologist considers your age and gender, the duration of the acne disease, the form of acne, the severity, comorbidities, the psychological background, the results of laboratory tests. Well-groomed skin and a clean face are always and at any age perceived as a sign of health, and appearance is of great importance today.

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