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If you read the description of this treatment on the internet you might feel like it describes some horror movie. Here a 10 gauge scalpel is used to remove the top layer of the damages and dead skin so that the new skin layer could look healthier and brighter. No need to be afraid, in the right hands it is a safe and easy procedure.

Have you ever wondered why models and actresses have such smooth skin? It is not only because of Photoshop tools but the special treatment called dermaplaning. This technique can remove all the dead cells and even facial hair, making your skin clear and beautiful. Some stop at that and can start applying makeup while others use dermaplaning as a foundation for further skin care procedures.

Dermaplaning is perfect for people who have peach fuzz or dry skin type and want to go through a good skin cleaning procedure.

In general, this procedure can suit almost anyone, you just need to consult a specialist for better understanding whether you need it or not. For example, this treatment should be avoided if you have acneic skin. Also, the specialist should ask if you have any allergies. If you are pregnant or nursing and you do not want any chemical treatment of your skin, you will be glad to try this treatment because it is just for you.

Does it hurt?

Even though it sounds quite scary, this procedure is absolutely painless. You can compare it to shaving your face. And in just about 30 minutes you will get a clean face. The only inconvenience you might face is that your face will be extremely sensitive to UV rays so better use sunscreen to avoid hyperpigmentation.


After the procedure, you will get a smooth silky-soft beautiful skin without any peach fuzz. Better avoid another procedure for a month so that your skin has enough time to heal.

Note: Before going through the procedure make sure that the specialist has a license. Also, before taking any procedure like this it is best to consult a dermatologist so that they can make a proper diagnosis and suggest a proper treatment.

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