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At our clinic, we offer a big variety of hair removal options to our clients. Not a fan of Laser epilation? Then ask our staff to tell you what is electrolysis treatment! This is a way of hair removal involves getting rid of each and every hair on your body or the face, using a medical electrolysis device.

What is the secret?

Electrolysis procedure works by destroying the follicle of the hair at its base with the help of chemical or heat energy, displaced with the help of medical electrolysis machine. Once it is destroyed, an extremely thin probe is then injected into the hair follicle. Then your esthetician will use a tweezer to pluck out the single hair. Thanks to that electrolysis can be a fairly tedious, but effective process.

Electrolysis can get rid of hairs from almost any region of the body like the face, belly, legs, chest etc. The bigger the area, the more hair Any side effects you should know about?

The best part about electrolysis is that there are almost no side effects whatsoever. Sometimes, a patient may experience some slight reddening, however, these cases are rare, and the redness tends to disappear after a day or so. Also, there’s little to no downtime, after a treatment.

One issue with electrolysis is that it can become very painful to certain patients. While others may not find it painful at all, depending upon the type of tools used as well as the amount of hair removal needed the pain will vary. Here most patients will only complain of a slight discomfort, but it easily managed.

How long will it last?

Everyone is unique, so the number of procedures needed to remove unwanted hair permanently can differ for everybody. It might also depend on the region of the body. If you want to get rid of the hair permanently no matter where it is generally will take a few procedures, in some cases patients may be asked to go back to the clinic once a week or so for a few months to get electrolysis. However, once it is gone it will remain so forever.

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