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We are all different and men need their own treatments for their skin if they want to look good. At our center, we know that so we combine several treatments in order to make a personal approach to each and every one of our clients.

Special skincare for men

When it comes to skincare women have a huge variety of procedures they can get to make their skin look beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, not all procedures that women do satisfy the needs men have in skin care.

Usually, women use all kinds of skin care products daily and then go through some special treatment every few weeks or months. Men, on the other hand, do not do that much for their skin. Most of them just shave every two-three days leaving the skin of their face completely unprotected.
Even though shaving can count as a way of exfoliating skin it is still not enough for a full skin care. Skin of men is more rough by nature them women’s and thus it can get blemishes and other things much easier. Also, since men usually don’t use any skin care products, it tends to lose collage much quicker along with other important compounds. And men’s skin also has more dead cells on it its surface.

That is why, if you are a man with oily skin or your beloved man has such skin type and it looks dull it means that the face is in great need of exfoliation and our Gentleman’s Facial!

What is it?

First of all, we clean your skin with a steam and then move on to a relaxing facial massage. This helps to open the pores and clean them. After that, we apply the hydrating mask that helps cleanse the skin of dirt and bacteria further because they might be hiding in the pores still.

After that, we begin with exfoliation its intensity depends on the condition of your skin and your skin care needs. This exfoliation removes some blemishes that might appear on the surface and gets rid of the dull layer of the skin. It also helps to remove any oil or dirt left in your pores. It works best for men with acne problem or those who want to remove blackheads and blemishes and some other impurities of the skin.

After the procedure, your skin feels clean and fresh like you have never felt before. Furthermore, it looks healthy and beautiful with a nice glow to it free of blemishes and other things. Get your gentleman’s facial today!

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