What benefits does the Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) have?

Science is evolving every day and throughout the last 10 years, the research has proved that there are certain advantages bio-identical hormones have over other non-identical oral hormones.

Bio-identical hormones are now recommended by The North American Menopause Society to make the symptoms like menopause, sexual dysfunction, low temperature, bone loss (osteoporosis), hot flashes etc. better in both men and women and are praised for their safety. All of that is thanks to their structure that is identical to the structure of hormones in your body.

Therapy using bio-identical hormones

There are two ways of getting these hormones in your body:

  • implantation under the skin
  • application of a cream to the skin

Thus they do not need to go through your digestive system to start working making them much safer. Furthermore, your doctor can adjust the number of hormones depending on the peculiarities of your treatment.

Stay forever young

Many studies have shown that the use of synthetic hormones for your body can lead to different types of cancer and other risky conditions. With  BHRT, however, this doesn’t happen because bio-identical hormones are produced naturally and thus they are better received by our bodies. Another reason for it being popular when dealing with menopause and andropause is that it can be customized for every patient making the treatment individual.

Why use the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

As we mentioned earlier, the research has proved that bio-identical hormones have more advantages over conventional oral hormones and they are also safer for you. However, you must remember that “safer” does not mean “100% safe” so some unwanted reaction of the body might occur. Thus it is essential to first consult a doctor, a specialist who will be able to customize your treatment properly.

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